Friday, January 21, 2011

Week Day Meals - Veggies & Pizza

I know the title sounds strange and we didn't eat them in the same sitting, all tho I have had veggies on a pizza before. No this week saw less creative meals and more of the good old faithfuls, this was mainly due to a busy week and Master Little 7 refusing to eat anything healthy.

Oh and between my forgetful mind and a temperamental camera I was only able to get photo's of one meal but it was the good one.

Monday - Homemade Hamburgers.

You know bun, meat paddy on the BBQ, lettuce, cheese, tomato's, beetroot, salt and pepper and anything else you would like to add. The children always love it because they get to make there own and we love because we can say "you made it you eat it."

Tuesday - Oops I have forgotten.

Wednesdays - Cheat's Pizza & 3 Delish Salads (& Squashed Cherries & Vanilla Mascarpone Cream - that I didn't make due to the Atomic Children not eating there dinner.) This mean was from Jamie's 30 Minute Meals.

This was a not as big a hit as I had hoped, I think it was the vinegars that were a bit too much for the children. It was rather easy and I did do this in 30 min. I think you could almost get away with throuing all the salads into one bowl to make life easier. You could also make more pizzas if needed, as they are real easy to through together, or make them on there own. How ever this has a real Mediterranean taste to this dish so if you don't like Greek or Italian food this dish is not for you.

Atomic Dad's Verdict -
Atomic Children's Verdict - Liked the pizza but not the salads.

Thursday - Snags, mash and veggies.

What can I say, quick, simple and easy.

Well that was this week. Between all the rain and getting ready for school next week it was very busy. Not to mention I still don't have my sewing machine back yet. Hope your week end is a good one.

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