Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Sewing - Pie and Tarts Quilt

While I didn't have my sewing machine I've been planing and catching up on other tasks. Last year I finished a long awaited quilt for Master Little 8 and while I have leftover fabric to make Master Little 2 a quilt I wanted to make something different for Atomic Dad and I. After some hunting on the Internet and asking at my local fabric shops I have decided to do two quilts both of them as Block Of the Months or BOM's.

Pie and Tarts is a hand pieced quilt from Busy Thimbles  and costs me about $35 Aus a month, with everything you need. I picked this to give myself a challenge and I've always wanted to have a handmade quilt.
The second quilt will be for my parents and I will post about it next month once I have done my first block.
So step one was to cut out all the fabric bits, then tack the fabric to the paper piecing.
Sew your pies together as you wish and then sew them to the background fabric.
 Once you have four blocks of pies sewen together you then sew a smaller tart over were they meet.
You spend a bit of time at the ironing board and most (or all if you like) of the sewing is done by hand. The idea of the BOM is to finish each month before the next arrives in the mail, this not only spreads out and gives you a clear time frame, it also spreads out the costs.

Hope you all had/have a great week end I'm off to finish some more patches.


  1. That is going to be a lovely quilt, I love the design.

  2. Thanks VC, I am so looking forward to this. I think it will be great way use up scrap fabric net time round.