Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Sewing - Australian Home Journal 7154

This weekend we went to visit my in-laws, since the weather has not been great I knew we would be stuck inside if not all of the time at least most of it so I took my sewing with me. It was a good thing too, we ran out of things to do after a while.

This post ticks one off my "to do list", pants for Master Little 2, but I'm sure I'll need to sew more of these not too far off. Little boys just seem to go through pants. I copied this pattern to brown paper for just that reason, it will last longer that way.
Since the pattern is really simple, just front and back I took out the pocket, I was able to sew two pants in just on evening and finished the third off the next morning. Here is were I've sewn pants together.
 Then zig-zag stitch over 1/4" hem.

 Straight stitch hem over again, 1/4" along pants leg.
 Straight stitch top of pants about 1" and left an opening for elastic to be put in.
The fabric was really cheap but it is long lasting and will wear really well (made for this kind of job). The gap for the elastic makes it easy to be replaced when need at any time, this is a good idea as elastic will deteriorate much faster then your fabric.

And all three pairs of pants, just need to add elastic.

Well happy sewing and I hope it stops raining soon, just long enough to let it dry out a bit.


  1. The pants are very cute. I hope you aren't being washed away with all the rain. The flooding in QLD is terrible.

  2. We saw sunshine yesterday - made things very steamy - hoping you get a good drying day soon!
    The pants are cute - and yes - little boys do go through them very quickly!