Tuesday, January 11, 2011

MPB Men's Shirt Sew-Along - Step 1

I have decided to go with the Negroni #1014 pattern as I don't have a men's shirt pattern yet and Atomic Dad was happy with this one. I got an email today telling me it's in the post, so here's to hoping it gets here in time.

Fabric was easy as I brought this great retro style from Fabric Worm late last year and planned to make all three boy's matching shirt's (see To Do List).

Notions are also done. I'm going with white thread, even tho I've been told it's a no no but I think it will work. I've got red buttons as I'm thinking of doing the top of the pocket/s in plain red to contrast from the strips of the main fabric.

If you are thinking of joining us in the Men's Shirt Sew-Along there is a button on my blog that will take you there. If you've never sewen for a man before I suggest this a great place to start, I've sown many a shirt for my little boy's and once you've got a good pattern you can do a lot from there. It's a shame to say but men's shirts really haven't changed much over the years so it's more about the fabric you use then the pattern.