Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cloth Labels

While I've been making so many clothes and other things I thought I should put my name on them, after all I am very proud to have made them. So I've been hunting the Internet for just the right label. I didn't want one of the labels that you can iron/sew on as I think they are too hard and my children say they itch. I also had to find someone small as I don't no more then 500, while that sound a lot it's not if you think about it. I made about 1 new outfit per fortnight last year and that doesn't include any of the extra bits I did and if I keep sewing at this rate (family are starting to put orders in) I'll use them in about two years.
So the hunt was on, after a while I wasn't sure about my idea. Then I found Woven Labels Direct and I didn't have to order 500, I could order a lot less. My order of only 50 arrived this week and I am so happy with them.
If you sew a lot I would recommend putting your own label on your lovely work, even if your not giving or selling your items I think it's such a lovely touch.

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