Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Sewing - McCall's 2144

Well I did say I would be using this pattern again for Master Little 2 and here it is, his new Christmas shirt. I first used this pattern back in September when I made Bird Shirts for both my boys. Each year I've been making things for Christmas, one year I made a tree skirt and an other I made Santa stockings, this year I am making everyone something to wear. I have already made my Christmas dress and am putting the buttons on Miss Little 6's skirt.

McCall's 2144, size 2, copyright 1985, view C.

I picked fabric that I thought was a bit retro and a bit Christmas. I picked a red and green in the same pattern so I could use one as a contrast (collar and pocket, etc.).

Today I had to work in our bedroom and did all my cutting on the bed cover, I was truly worried at one point that I had cut the bed sheets. Atomic Dad and children had taken over the living area and it was a total mess, well it still is and it will still be there when I get up tomorrow too. Such is life with children sometimes.

Master Little 2 doing some modeling while I try and get some photo's. Since I made this pattern not too long ago I wasn't too worried about the fit.
This is were that 1/4" foot comes in handy. I hope you can see the detail were I have sewen around the collar and interfacing. I feel it give a neater finish and a more professional look.

And the finished shirt, sorry but Master Little 2 had gone to bed so no modeling from him tonight but I am sure when I do Master 7's matching shirt you will see him then. I have cut out fabric for a green pocket but am really unsure as to weather I should use it. I'm not sure if it will be too much and it will be quite small.
Any ideas would be most welcome.


  1. Love it....yes I think a pocket would be great! Might I add...Master Little is just adorable!

  2. That is just Cute Overload!
    ....and I think the pocket would look great....bit like icing on the cake!

  3. OMG - this is so adorable! What a great retro look fabric. Can't wait to see it modeled...

  4. I've added the green pockect and hope to post a pic of the boys together on Christmas day together with there matching shirts.