Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Sewing - Australian Home Journal 7454

This has to be one of the easiest patterns I've made yet it is from this month "A Look Inside". There was a lot of basting and gathers, still not sure about the way the neck sits but I'm happy with it anyway. The fabric is a cotton and very light, which is good since we are now in summer here in Cairns, I didn't want a too Christmas fabric so I could re-wear the dress thought out next year but something that still had the theme to it.

 With the first fitting I choose not to make a too fitted dress, I wanted to take into account any weight gain over the festive season (and I always seem to put on a few kilos). The pattern does have a fabric belt that I will relie on to bring shape to the dress.
It took a few goes to get the ruffles right both around the neck and selves. In the end I cut an 1 1/2" off the selves as the puffed out way too much. You can't really see the neck ruffle that well in the photo's but Atomic Dad said its fine.
I used good old bias binding in white to finish the selves and neck, easier then using the same fabric and it means I've got leftovers to make Miss Little 6 and skirt. I also made the matching fabric belt but I think you could use red or green ribbon (which I plan to try later) for a colourful look. In the end I like the bow tied at the back and not the front as the cover drawing shows.
All up this was a very easy pattern. It has more of a house dress feel to it then a "Let's go out!" feel but I don't mind as I need a few more of those. I might make this pattern again but maybe with out the neck ruffle and less fabric in the skirt, mostly to save on fabric and cost.

As this is a Christmas dress I have already planed were I'm going to wear it, so look out for a few post with me out and about in it. Happy sewing every one.


  1. I think it looks just wonderful, and has 'Let's go out' written all over it! Fab that you have enough material to make something for your daughter as well - that would look just too cute!!!!

  2. Nice fabric, looks nice and cool for Cairns weather. I grew up in Gordonvale so I know how bad that heat gets!

  3. Actually, the dress has a Christmas look with this printed and it looks very fresh and light, perfect for Australia.

  4. This looks great .... if you want to give it a "lets go out" feel why not put a red or green satin ribbon around the waist. I do that with a dress in similar colours and it screams Christmas Gift but in a good way. This is a lovely dress!

  5. I love your choice of fabric and sure you could wear it out. The satin sash is a great idea.

  6. What a pretty festive print! You will look so lovely in this!