Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Page

I've been thinking on how the past year has gone and all the people I've meet, blogs I've read, thing's I've done and sewn. It has been a bit all over the place and sometimes I thought there was no end in sight but here we are at the end of an other year.

This year I would like to go forward with more of a plan. Like having one day of rest. So one day, passably Sundays, I will give my hair a rest from styling and sprays, my skin a rest from makeup and stockings, my body a rest from my waist cincher and anything else I can think of. I have also done a "to do list" it is one of my pages and can be found at the top.

Well I'm off to finish cleaning up after Christmas Breakfast, that became Lunch, that became Dinner.
Hope you day went well and was full of gay laughter and much yummy food.


  1. A "to do" list helps me see what needs to be done, I add to it all the time but there is great satisfaction in crossing things off.

  2. I love making lists too!
    I see a couple that I could borrow and put on mine as well - so maybe you will have a companion along the way!
    (and our Christmas lunch become Boxing Day fodder as well....)

  3. LOL! VandE, it feel's like feeding time at our home when we have so many visiting.

    And all are welcome to join me, it might make me more motiviated.