Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lovely Pattrens

As word slowly has gotten out about my love affair with all things vintage and much intrest in my growing home made clothes boxes of old stuff are finding there way to me. I say stuff as sometimes the gifter has no idea what's inside but that it belonged to someone that had passed. I got a bag of patterns some time ago and here are my fav picks.

Now I'm not sure if I'll get to make any of these in the near futur but I do hope so. Which do you like?


  1. Gawd! I love them all!
    However if I had to pick, it would be 4872 and 2551 because I actually wore things like that and they are perfect for our summers!

  2. I have a (surprise!) pair of those exact red striped jammies ready for my granddaughter for Christmas eve!