Friday, December 3, 2010

Just a Little Rant

While I love retro/vintage and am working to a more mid-century style of living it’s not all green grass and flowers. The whole thing is a lot harder then I first thought. It helps that Atomic Dad is on board but our small business just doesn’t won’t to play the game.

So while I slowly make my way through this modern world I’ve been thinking about things. Now if I said that to Atomic Dad I would get an “Oh no!” look, it’s not always good when I stop to think. Not only do we put our self’s under huge pressure but so does society, we each make up a part of the society we live in but it is also very much a crowed effort. It is a bigger version of pier-pressure that we talk about in schools and that we seem to think as adults we are immune to it, I think more of us are affected as adults then as youths, but that’s just my opinion.

Me, I’ve always been the outsider, the different child. Once I stopped trying to fit in, I got use to standing out and learnt to live with myself; I can’t say the same for everyone, as being honest with ones' self never comes to many people. I am a harsh person, I have little room for grey in my world, no fence sitting allowed.

So were am I going with this, the truth about modern society or lack of it. Instead of spending the extra half hour saved by the invention of the dish washer with our families we sit in front of TV screens or on phones or both (and I know my family dose this too). Instead of punishing children and their parents for bad behaviour we look for reason why is allowed to happen and find ways to remove the issue.

With all our modern technology we are still a highly censered society, don’t fool yourself and think the internet has all the answers it only has what people put out there truth or not. So many people are so wrapped up in there only little word that they often don’t really know what they’re talking about half the time and don’t have the guts to admit it. And please don’t think I don’t know I fit in here some were, for I know very well I do, we all have, do or will at some point in our lives. The key is to know when and fix it.

Well that’s my bit of a rant, and I don’t mean to upset anyone should you read this and feel so. It’s just me saying how I feel and you’re welcome to do so in your own space too.

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