Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Home Decorator

Today I came home to a package poking out the mail box, it was not what I was expecting but I am delighted none the less. I won this book on eBay and am so pleased to finale have it arrive. Australian Home Decorator and Painter, by B.H.Brindley, published by Colourgravure, while there is no date or year it was printed I did find a note on the side of the cover behind the dust cover. It puts the book as being used in September in 1952, what a great find.
It’s mostly a very practical book filled with, wait for it, words. No, what I mean is there are very few images, but what there is are just lovely. There are even a few ideas along the same colour theme we are planning to use. Well I’ll let the scans speak for themselves.

I hoped you enjoyed them as much as I. I have a feeling I will be going back to this book for ideas a fair bit.

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  1. Love it! Love it! All the red...the red and white striped laundry floor, the red couch...gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!