Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Sewing – Blue Log Cabin

Since the green 60's dress and I are still not on talking terms, I decided to finish a UFO and found the patchwork quilt I've been making for Master Little 7. This is a really old UFO and I knew I couldn't put off finishing it any longer, and I'm so glad I've finished it now. It looks GREAT, even if I do say so myself.

So here are all the blocks layed out on the floor.
A close up of a patch, you can see all the different types of fabric I used. Much of the blues were collected over a year, they mostly come from collecting blue fat quarters. I had so much fabric I ended up making way more patches then I needed for one blanket, and can now sew a second quilt for Master Little 2.
The backing fabric is calico. It is not the normal chose for quilters but I think it will last longer in a little boys room and the tea stained colour hides stains much better. Instead of making a fat boarder or the like I've used the same fabric and done more of a simple trim.
And here is Master Little 7 "oh so very happy" with his new quilt.
If you've never done quilting I truly suggest you try it.
Here is a photo of my first ever quilt, for Miss Little 6 (she was 2 when I made this). This quilt is made up of 10"x10" blocks of fabric. Very easy to do.
And the seceret to quilting is one of these little feet, it's 1/4" foot, you should be able to pick on up for all the modern sewing machines but not so sure about the vintage ones. If you have a vintage sewing machine maybe you could let us know, that would be great. You run the edge of the fabric against the right side of the foot and it sews 1/4" from the edge, assuming you cut straight, you get a perfect line. I've also found it great for bias binding and other small edge work.
Happy sewing all you lovely people.

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