Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Sewing – 60’s Dress

Well I had hoped to finish this last week end but as we all know life never lets things go smoothly. So here I am and it's still not finished, oh well.

It was a toss-up between two patterns, mostly due to the need for a pattern that used little fabric and one that would be totally different to anything else I had sewn yet. I wanted a new challenge for myself. Atomic Dad chose the one I ended up sewing.The fabric is the cream and green I bought when in Sydney and there are only a few meters of it so I have to be careful.
The pattern it's self was missing a few bits but luckily I can work around them.

My first issue with the dress was that it was a size 40 in the old sizes, so I needed to down size it. I didn't do a very good job of this; in fact my mother thought I did a horrid job. Got to love the honesty of mothers. After many fittings and basting and unpicking I'm starting to get some were, I will not let this pattern get the better of me.
 I am mostly stuck on the breast area, I have no idea why but I just can't get the right fit. Mother is coming over or I'm going there tomorrow night so she can have another look and we can do a fitting and some basting.
I thought I would also share a gem of a find. It's a vintage hat pattern and I plan to make one to match the dress with the leftover fabric when I'm done. It's on loan from the Cairns Historical Society, one of the lovely ladies there said she remembered making it and to see someone else liked it as much as her. I found it while cataloguing the sewing patterns and books; I have a lot of work to do.

Hope you all had/have a lovely week end.


  1. The fabric on your new dress is just gorgeous! Hope your mother can sort out the fitting issues (although it looks pretty good in the photo)
    Love the hat pattern - which view were you thinking of doing?

  2. Annoyingly you look fab in whatever you make!! Super job on this design whatever your mum says ;-) For all those ladies reading this comment, Atomic Mum encouraged me to return to sewing after a VERY long time and introduced me to quilting. Huge hugs from me and you look fab as always xx

  3. I think it will look just fine when finished, The fabric is lovely ! Oh that hat pattern wow !!! I would make all of them just because that are so fab !

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments. The photo hides the fact I am holding up the front side panels. It looks great untill I sew it together, I know I'm missing something I just dodn't know what.

    I plan to make view A, the pillbox hat, tho I think over timw I may end up making them all.

  5. I found this Australian Home Journal on Etsy and thought you may like it:[0]=tags&includes[1]=title&includes[2]=description&includes[3]=materials

    It still has the patterns inside!

  6. Thank you Sarah but I have that one, I've made one of the dress off the cover last month. However I've never visited esty before so it was a good place to start. Thank you.