Friday, November 26, 2010

Just a Bit Green

Before I went all retro I was a bit of a greeny. I was and still am the family hippy (and I mean extended family too). Since going vintage I have discovered new ways of being green.

We've always had a compost bin and recycled; in Australia recycling is still not as big as it should be. As a house hold I know we stack up very well compared to others. But it never cease to amaze me how many people I talk to say they do this or that but don't recycle or compost, my favourite is the air-conditioners. We lived in Darwin for a few years on a posting and when you went for a walk down the street all you could hear was the 'werrrrrr' of so many air-conditioners'. People just don't want to make an effort to adapt; we only used ours for an hour or two to cool the room down. But I won't go on or I'll fill a whole post with how much I dislike the thinks.

Getting back to being green and being vintage, and doing them at the same time is easy. Buying vintage often means second hand or preloved and that's a good think. I've also found vintage lovers tend to love the things they own and look after them better, that's good because we have less of a disposable culture about us. In Australia mid-century vintage also meant growing your own food and making as much as you could with your own two hands. So while I can happily say most of our future is preloved we don't yet have a veggie patch or chickens (I'm told these are a must have).

So while we put the enviro bulbs in our vintage lights and stich our own clothes from vintage patterns and fabric, I want to move beyond these tasks to take on the garden. Hopefully I will win.
And if you're not sure how to get a bit vintage green yourself I highly recommend starting with Thrifty 365, it's a great challenge.

This is my front yard as is, it's the wet season so don't mind the dull greyness. As time goes on I hope to post on how I go, cross fingers I do not have a green thumb.

Hope your week ends not as wet as mine, have a good one.


  1. Lush green grass, oh how I miss it !

  2. Great post (thanks for mentioning Thrifty365). Love the lush green grass - it's bitter cold here today.