Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Daily Outfit – Work Wear

Ok so this isn't my normally thing but I just loved what I was wearing today and felt so famine that I thought I would share. Tho I'm not entirely sure how vintage the whole outfit is.

Knit top – Katies, this came to me from my grandmother, bless her soul, who is no longer with us.
Jacket and skirt – Unknown, a lovely hand me down from my mother-in-law.
Blue Scarf – Gregory Ladner form Myer, this was a retail buy. I'm not much of a blue person but I just loved this blue.
Stay-ups – Target, I have them in black and cream and are a must have item for me. They don't have seams but they fit my budget.
Shoes – Oaragini, Just enough heel to look good and still be practical at work.


  1. I love the first picture with your smiling face!

    This is a different type of post for you, but that's O.K. It's your blog so do what you want!

  2. That look is charming, adorable you combine very well. You have a superior sense of taste. I love the blue scarf.

  3. Ohhhh...I really like how you did your hair! The outfit is fantastic!

  4. You have a killer figure! I really love the sweater and skirt combo - and those shoes are truly fab!

  5. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. And no it's not realy a ME post, I am very harsh on myself so hate photos but I felt so good I thought "Why not!"

  6. Typical Australian ;-)