Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Sewing – September Frock

Ok so I'm way behind with this one but I've almost finished, and it was worth it.

First an update on my mending.While I have not mended one piece of clothing every day I did come close, I only missed two days and am pleased with my efforts. So I am going to keep going with this one and try for seven days this coming week.

For September's Frock I picked 5339 from the cover, the yellow frock.Fabric – it's a cotton blend with ribbon detail sewn on. As I knew the top was going to be heavy with layers, I wanted something light. I also planned to make this my first evening frock, so I wanted something a bit dresser then the norm.

There are no buttons, trim or details of any kind, it relies on getting the folds right for this pattern. And I hope you all think I did well, I won't lie, it I found it very hard to do and am still not sure.
Here you can see the bodice and skirt before I join them. I don't remember how many times I unpicked the basting to get the fabric to sit just so.

This is them basted together without the zip.


And the finished Frock, well almost. Under this I am wearing my waits clincher and petticoat, but will have to make a shorter one for this frock.

I am yet to find a buckle in black to fit the fabric belt. And I will let the frock hang for a week to let the fabric settle and then get my mother to come give me a hand with the hemming, I am thinking just under the knee.

  • It was a very hard pattern and can say while I like the way it turned out I will not be making it again.
  • Fabric was hard to work with but a good chose, however is difficult to iron.
  • To get the best effect I believe you need to wear a petticoat underneath.
  • Really need to get the pleats to sit right or could look bad (I know, first basting was a shocker).
I am now looking for a reason to go out to dinner so I can test run. Can't wait!


  1. Love, love, love the fabric and the collar detail!
    How about going out to dinner as a belated birthday treat?

  2. The fabric is fantastic! The dress looks great!

  3. You did a beautiful job! The fabric is gorgeous - sorry it was so tough to work with. Hope you find a belt buckle soon so that you can go out and celebrate!

    p.s. Good luck on your mending goal...

  4. It looks great, you did a fabulous job. I always fight with pleats too and spend a lot of time unpicking. A special dinner is called for. BTW if you ever run out of mending I always have some............hehe................

  5. That design on the fabric is wonderful! It was hard work, but so worth it. The seam ripper is my best friend at times like this! Can't wait to see the total outfit once completed. You've done a good job Atomic Mum!

    I think you're right about the undergarments. With vintage patterns, we have to keep in mind what they wore underneath at that time period in order to have a proper fit.

    You can always wear the dress at home for a nice dinner with your family. My son loves it when we do this, and his toast with the sparking juice is always the same, to a good day. And when you finish a job like this dress, it's a good day!

  6. I was wondering why the dress looked familiar to me ,then yesterday I looked through my Home Journals and saw I had that issue too.