Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Sewing - Mending

Since I have not really done much sewing in the last two weeks, I have no new clothes to show off but I do have an ever growing pile of mending to do. If, like me, you are the only sewer most people know, then no doubt you will end up getting asked to fix something. While I don't mind, as I love to sew, sometimes it just feels like a chore.

This week the plan is to fix one item of clothing each day. If I can do this, then I'll keep going till the pile is gone. Often getting started is the hardest part for me.However I thought I might share a handy sewing solution, it's for in the car and on the go jobs.When you turn up at a family BBQ and someone say's "Oh can you fix this? I'll just go and get it." Or "I was hoping you could fix this, I brought with me." Yes, they bring out a bag of clothes or a shirt and button, pants that have been pinned and any number of odd sewing jobs. Once I used to smile and nod and it would end up on my to-be-fixed pile. Weeks later I might get around to it and they still seem to give me more to do. So now to avoid this happening I take this handy little sewing kit with me almost everywhere I go. If the job is too big or there is too much, I tell them they must come for afternoon tea and play with the children so I can stitch while they wait.

This little solution is a little kit that started life as an embroidery kit, one project at a time was kept inside. I could zip it up and keep it at hand. I managed to finish things a lot faster when all the bits were kept together. The kit's job has not changed that much and it has a hard life but when I ask "Can you get my sewing kit from the car?" my children know just what I'm asking for.What's inside?
  • Small scissors
  • Different size needles
  • Threads in many, many colours
  • Buttons, standard shirt – white and bark blue seem the most in need
  • Pins

Most clothes these days have a spare button hidden on the garment some were and you can use this. It's a good idea and you can sew one on the inside of clothes you make yourself. In saying this, sometimes you'll have to put all new buttons on so they match. If it's a shirt that get's tucked in you might be able to get away with using the bottom button.

I never bother with zips. if the zip has gone the outfit goes. I'm just not good at them and they are often the first thing to go in and the hardest to get out.
Hems are easy, as long as you've got the right coloured thread.

The most common jobs I get asked to do are putting buttons back on, hems on pants /jeans and the odd tear (this is mostly from males and the tear is in the bottom).It's nice to know your loved when someone gets excited because you turned up with your sewing kit.

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  1. The kit hasn't had a hard life, it's been well loved and used! This is a good idea.

    I am such a procrastinator when it comes to mending. I'd rather do anything else. Which is ridiculous since I love it when things are fixed up proper. I'll have to give this a try. Thanks!