Friday, October 1, 2010

A Look Inside

Australian Home Journal - October 1959

I am not sure but I think I'll end up making both pattern's for this month, they are so different to each other and I can see great ideas for them. Don't you just love the red head scarf and blue sunglasses!

Much like September 1959, and I did not mean to pick the same year, you get your free patterns as shown on the front. On the inside you can find correspondents, reviews on films and plays, a short story, dress patterns to order, recipes, free knitting patterns.

Things missing from one month to the next,no star signs or decorating ideas. There has also been a page cut very neatly from my copy so can't tell you what not there.

This month I hope to make both free patterns, last months is on it's way, make at least one recipe and since there are no decorating ideas I will continue with Make the most of Your Home: Laminated Plastics theme.

Hope you all enjoy your week end.

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