Saturday, October 30, 2010

Give Away Time

Well I did warn you all that October is a busy month for me and it really was but since it was mostly all business not much is worth blogging about. However it is also birthday month for my side of the family and to celebrate both the end of the month and my birthday tomorrow I would like to give someone else a lovely gift.

I am a firm believer in when you feel good you look great, so to get one lovely Lady started on tis path I am giving away a pair of Leg Avenue pantyhose, Estee Lauder Pure Colour Classic Red (my fav lipstick) and Estee Lauder Lip Pencil Red. And so you have something to red with your coffee or tea and Australian Home Journal, April, 1962.

So how do you get your hands on these? Easy just leave a Lovely Comment, but if you would like another chance then tell your friends to leave a Lovely comment and that you referred them and you'll both go into the draw.

So please tell me what makes you feel good and look great?

I forgot to say when this ends. Lets do one week from Monday. Good luck!


  1. Have a very Happy Birthday tomorrow - and that you get some awesome birthday pressies!

    (and getting a hair cut always makes me feel better about things - or maybe it's just the 'me' time in the salon.....)

  2. Happy Birthday for tomorrow! I just found my holy grail red lipstick, Chili by MAC! I used to wear Russian Red but it was a little too blue based for my red hair and warm (but pale) skin. This lipstick just brightens my face even when I'm not wearing any other makeup - it looks amazing and I feel so confident with it on.

  3. Have a fab birthday, hope you get some vintage presents !!

    What makes me feel good ............getting a basket of mending done ! Always a chore in my house. Finding the next perfect vintage dress.

    What makes me look good.............. wearing the next perfect vintage dress......hehe.......... red lipstick and lots of black eye liner !

  4. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays! Enjoy your day!

  5. Happy Birthday I hope you have a delightful one.

    Cute accesories make me feel great. Even if I have on a tshirt and jeans, if I add a few bracelets and a cute vintage necklace. I am HAPPY =D

  6. Happy birthday ! Today? What's the significance of having a halloween birthday ?
    And cute giveaway too>

  7. How generous to have a lovely giveaway for your birthday. It's supposed to be the other way around!

    What makes me feel great? Well, I don't shop for myself very often - so when I do buy something new (vintage or current) I always feel wonderful.

    Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday!!
    Thank you for this fabulous giveaway!! :)

    I feel great when my boyfriend come by surprise to visit me (I now live in Spain and he is in Italy...) taking gifts (the last one was the Lutterloh System dated 1979)!!

  9. Happy birthday to you... :-)

    I always feel great when I dress well - I put on a little vintage number (bought or homemade), nice hosiery, heels (even though I'm 176cms), red lippy, neck scarf, and a little structured handbag.

  10. I think I look good and feel great when I have on an amazing pair of heels, the taller I get the better I feel.

  11. I love getting my hair cut. There is just something so lovely about walking out with a freshly cut and styled head of hair! I also love crisp, clean sheets! Love the giveaway.

  12. I hope you have/had a great Birthday! I absolutely love the dress you just posted! This is a very generous give-away and one I'd love to win! Thanks and I look forward to reading more of your posts. :)