Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Sewing

I was hoping to finish my AHJ dress for this month but it still needs work so onto other things.

With school holidays here and children around my feet I took them to buy fabric, Master Little 7 picked something for him and Master Little 2, and these are the new shirts I turned out for them. The patterns I've used come from my stash and were my mother's first, they have been well cared for and well used.

McCall's 2144, size 2, copyright 1985.

  Simplicity 7036, size 6, copyright 1975.

By sheer determination I was able to cut both shirts from 1.5m for fabric, and I had to make sure all the birds heads were up the fight way. There were a few moments I also most cut the wrong way.

I'm very pleased with what I've done so far and I say so far because they still need buttons and buttons holes. We went for brunch to a friend's house and they wanted to were there new shirts, how could I say no.

So here are my two little men with singlets underneath.

All up they were very easy to make and will be making all there future shirts from these patterns. Due to the busy fabric print you cannot see any detail, or any mistakes, so I didn't add any but there are pockets and belts and many other ways to make the patterns if you wished to

Hope you're enjoying your week end and happy sewing.


  1. The boys looked great :-) Very impressed (and next time i'll see them with buttons - or in another colour) x

  2. You are the master of shirts !! I salute you xxx