Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Sewing

I had all good intentions of making a new pair of pants this week end, I had even cut out the fabric and worked out how to get the best fit, but Master Little 7 has been on my case for weeks about new curtains. Since most of my sewing of late has been for myself and his been living with Bob the Builder for the last four years I thought it only fare he gets a change, and I can pass the Bob curtains on to Master Little 2.

After a look around and a few heated talks about money, we agreed on Cars curtains. I was hoping to find some thing a little retro, I knew vintage was out for the cost, and I need something child friendly. In the end as long as he likes them and I can live with them it works.

I picked up both sheers and curtains in the same brand, pre-made for rods so I just sewed some curtain tape across the top for hooks, as we have sliders. The curtains just fit across and if you wanted a fuller look I would have brought two sets and sewing them together but as I'm sure we'll be changing them again in three to four years I didn't bother.

Since Master Litter 2 wont need to sun proof backing I will take it off the Bob curtains and put it on the Cars curtains, an easy way to save money. All up it was cheaper then expected but ate into my sewing time, totally worth it to not have Master Litter bug me about his room any more.

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