Friday, September 24, 2010

Retro/Vintage Renovations in Australia

The biggest issue facing a retro restoration, renovation or redesign in Australia is the availability of products, practically in rural Australia. Much of what you can find and source over the internet may not be available or suitable in Australia. Some of this is due in fact to its lack of popularity and interest, while there is much interest in retro/vintage as a sense of style and fashion there is less for the home builder.

For the home owner in Australia, it's Colonial and Federation that is most popular and is how many see them. There is such a large market and availability for these two styles that it's hard to miss them. I do love them in their own right and they do have a very Australian feel to them, they just lack something for me.

I have started to really hunt down what there is still available for a retro/vintage renovation in Australia and so far I've gotten a lot of strange looks and peeked a bit of interest, with people asking me to "Come back and let them know what I find, they would love to see it." Just how honest they are we will find out.

In keeping with this month's AHJ, I have been looking into plastic surfacing materials, namely bench-tops and will be posting my finds as I go. Please pop back to see what I find or leave a comment if you have any info that might help me and thank you if you can.

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