Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Recipe of the Week

Potatoes, Pea's and Pineapple's.

This months AHJ have only side dishes and a few desserts but they were all rather different.

New Potatoes and Bacon
Potato Omelette with Tomatoes
Spanish Potatoes
Stuffed Potatoes
Baked Potatoes with Mushrooms
Pan Chilli Potatoes
Potatoes with Special Sauce
Pea Timvales
Peas with Almonds
Peas and Celery
Peas in Meat Cups
Peas Parisienne
Green Peas with Almonds
Come again Pudding
Oriental Pepper Steak
Fruit Cake
Savoury Mince Scrolls

But in the end I tryed something that I knew our children would eat, potato cakes. However I did cheat and got this recipe from my vintage cook book.

Potato Cakes

2 Cups left-over mashed potatoes (I used grated potatoes)
1 teaspoon onion juice (we used lemon juice)
A good pinch of mace
Fat for frying (best to use oil from other food)

Season the cold potato with onion juice and mace and form into firm flat cakes. Dust them thoroughly with flour and brown both sides in a little hot fat. (The fat left over from frying or grilling sausages is very tasty for potato cakes.) Grated cheese, or chopped cooked meat, ham or bacon are delicious added to the potato if you have them on hand.
I cooked on the BBQ outside and did lamb first, then cooked the cakes in the fat left behind. I also added grated carrots and cheese and the children didn't even notice.
The lamb was seasoned with salt and pepper, I cover the BBQ plate with it then lay the lamb down and cover it again. I always get great complements for such a simple and easy way to cook meat.
Sorry no photo's of the meal plated as it didn't last long, everyone eats as soon as it hits the table. I think this will become a new fave meal idea.

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