Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Hair

OK, so I went and got a trim, well no I got a lot cut off. And I'm still not sure if I even like it. I don't like the layers, I think they went over board but I don't normally get them either, I think I like a solid look more.
I've just washed and brushed for the photo's, so no styling done.

The Pros, easy to maintain, looks retro most of the time, works with helmets.
The Cons, always playing with it, sticky up bits, not sure what else to do with it.

Going back to the books for ideas and running through others blogs to see how they wear it.


  1. I think your hair looks really nice.
    Whenever I get a new style it seems to take me awhile to figure out exactly what ways I should style it too. But once I figure it out, then I usually always end up liking it more than what it previously was. *lol*

  2. Love it and you will to soon when you get the hang of all the ways you can style it...