Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Look Inside

It's September and that means springs for us in Australia, and for those like me in the tropics it means lots and lots of rain. So to brighten my wet week and cheer myself up after a horrid weekend I've started on Australian Home Journal, September, 1959.

Much the same as the last issue it comes with three (3) free patterns, those you see on the cover. There is no contents page to copy but I'll give you an idea of what's inside.

And like August you can find correspondents, reviews on films and plays, a short story, dress patterns to order, "Make the most of your home" article about Laminated Plastics, recipes, free knitting patterns and don't forget your star signs.

My aim this month is to make one outfit from the free patterns, cook one of the recipes, see what other home help and ideas I can find and do some research on Laminated Plastics after reading the article. We'll see how I go.


  1. September is my favorite month.
    I love watching all the trees change color here and fall to the ground, so I can rake them in a pile and get my dog to run through it. hahah

  2. I wish magazines were still like this, wonderful patterns and so elegant. I picked up a couple while I was home in Sydney last week and will also be making a pattern up soon.