Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Sewing

During the week I came home to a parcel in the mail box, it was some new/old clothes patterns I had orderd. I have been hunting for just the right pedal pushers and I think I've found them, what more they come with a get looking wrap top.

I also got this pants, top and wrap skirt pattern, and have so many ideas on what to do with it.

And how could I over look the chance to get an other apron, this one is more cute then my others.

Well now I have to find some fabric to get started. Will spend tonight hunting and resorting my stash of fabric in the hopes of finding what I'm looking for. If not it will be a great reason to go fabric shopping (my fave thing to do).

Hope you all have a lovely night/day, were ever you are.


  1. How long did it take you to not be confused my pattern directions? I am just starting out with sewing.. I have read some begginer teaching books and things, but when I look at a pattern and see all the lines and markings I get completely overwhelmed! lol
    I have only once sewn from a pattern and that was in elementary school making a simple apron.
    I think maybe I am telling myself it's harder than it really is.

    I like the patterns you bought they are great those wrap shirts look so nice!

  2. My mother has helped me over the years, but I’m mostly self taught. I read the pattern from front to back a few times before I do anything, then I open the pattern out and look/play with it. I take my time putting the whole thing together and if I’m really not sure or the pattern looks super hard I might use a really cheap fabric the first time round.

    If you and the time and/or money find a good/nice fabric shop in your area that does classes, the best ones work with you on a pattern of your choice and teach you just what you need to know. Also find a smaller fabric shop, sometimes there a little most on the cost side but once they get to know you they will look after you and you can get loads of free help.

    Never ever be afraid to ask for help, it’s often in their best interest to help you.

    Sorry it’s a bit of a big answer.

  3. I have been looking for a wrap top pattern for ages!any chance of a photocopy sometime?