Thursday, August 19, 2010

Handy Home Hits: Lemons

When food shopping I hat going down the washing detergent aisle, it has a smell I just can't stand. Years ago I found a great little book with ideas for cleaning your home the "Old way", while not everything in it has worked for me some have. Cleaning with lemons has been one of the best changes I have made.
Fabric Softener = Vinegar and Lemons.

How? Take some white vinegar, cleaned sauce jars and lemons. Cut the lemons up and put them in the bottles. Fill with white vinegar, let sit in the sun for about two weeks. You're all done, now go do some washing.

It's really that simple. Play with how much lemon to vinegar you like, the size of your bottles and how long you want them to sit for.
I have three (3) bottles on the go at once. Went I have one left I make up two more and so on. You can also put it in a spry bottle and spray linen when hung in the sun to help whiten; I find it works best on a really hot day.
Luky for me I grow my own lemons so I have them all the time, but you can also use plain white vineger as well. I mainly use the Lemon vineger for really bad smells and soiled sheets and clothes.

Have a lovely day.

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