Sunday, August 1, 2010

Australian Homemaker and Handyman

Each week I try to read one of my new/old magazines, last week I received five new ones in the mail. Unlike most of my current ones, these are all about handyman jobs and do-it-yourself, I quickly flicked through them looking for anything that jumped out at me.

With so many pages of ideas and things to do, I thought I would share some so each week I will scan some of the more colourful and nicer pages from one magazine. Please note that while I try my best not all scans come out that great, I often cut an image at the side this is due to not being able to open the book fully without possible damage.

This is Australian Homemaker and Handyman, July, 1955. It is full of home floor plans, tips on fixing things, food, and reviews; it is aimed at the home handyman or woman. The following area’s are covered inside, Smart Homes, Features, Handyman and Hobbies, Gardening, Cooking and Departments. Most of the images are in bad black and white and don’t scan well. So I have chosen mostly colour.

I hope you enjoy the slide show and have a Lovely day.

Update - Sorry for some unknow resone to me my slide show is a bit fuzzy, I have moved my pics over to Flickr were you can get a better look at them. You can get there from the link on my side bar.


  1. Thanks, this was kewl and you have a lovely day too.

  2. Hey there, I just stumbled across this. That issue of AHAH has an article called "Perfect Link with Outdoor Living" (starts p.28), which I would dearly love to get a copy of because I am researching architect Philip King. You can find me on blogspot at hamiltonmodern or via (crazy coincidence #2!) the site.