Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sunday Sewing


This week I made Master Little 2 some winter pj’s. It wasn’t too hard to pick a pattern, I only have one option at hand in his size, and I had to draft the pattern anyway. I used number 248 from the Golden Dressmaker; I also liked number 243 so I kept this in mind. Out of my stash I found some awesome space fabric and a plain blue that matched well, both are a soft flannel.

Tuesday & Thursday

I drafted the pattern. After drafting I could tell it was going to be big, so when I cut the fabric I didn’t add a seam allowance. It’s still a little big but a good size to grow into.


I started sewing it together. I basted first fitted Master Little 2 and then overlocker and sewed. We had lots of fun doing this as it was a pit of cat and mouse to get him into and then out of the clothes. Due to issues at work I had to finish it off Saturday.

All up I am very happy with the fit and even more so that he is happy to wear it. How many times have you made something for someone and they never wear/use it? It’s an issue I often have with our children.

What would I do differently next time? Take more time and care on the collar and sleeves, I don’t like how they sit. And move the buttons higher up.

What I like about this outfit? I got the fabric just right. It also looks great, a bit of a disco suit.


  1. Isn't he cute! The pjs came out really well, didn't they? My kids always enjoyed me making their shorts and pjs.

  2. They look great !!!! I am currently fighting with the collar on hubbys hawaiian shirt and it's winning......hehe..........

  3. I hope you tell that shirt who's boss Jaede. I know there's a trick to doing collar's I've just got to work it out.