Friday, July 23, 2010

My Cargo Bicycle

I have made comments on my cargo bike before but thought I would show/tell you a bit more about it since it is becoming my main mode of transport. I got my cargo bike from Blind Freddy Electric Bikes, it was a great buy and came with everything I needed including a slide show on how to put it together yourself.

My cargo bike can seat four small children, or two and school bags, or one and a load of shopping, I know 'cos I have tryed them all. It has seat belts, rain hood, lights etc, everything you could want or need. Blind Freddy sells two types of cargo bikes for more info on them go here.

I am yet to find any Australian retro bikes that come close to mine but I did find a great website called AUSTRALIA'S BICYCLE HISTORY, it has lots of good info and pic's on Australian bike like this page on bikes from 1940 - 1960. From here I found lots more links to other bike history sites, so if that's your thing is a great place to visit.

All this looking at old photo's of bike made me think about what they wore but I am finding it hard to find vintage photo's of people on their bikes. I am still on the hunt for fashion ideas, I really would look to make some vintage clothes for riding. So far I have only found one site that has what I'm after and it's US based,, it has a good selection of photo's.

Happy riding everyone!

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