Sunday, July 11, 2010

Getting On Track

Of late life has been moving forward at it's own speed, so t slow it down and move it in the diretion I want I am setting myself a task. Between Monday to Friday I must do one retro thing, be it as simple as buying a new red lipstick or as grand as sewing a new outfit. On Saturday and Sunday I will blog what I have done. I hope this way I can gain some control back.

First on the to-do-list is winter pj's for all the children, as well as Miss Little almost 6's Birthday. This will not be a very retro event, we are going to have a garden tea party and all the fairies are invited.

My retro thing for this week was to get a new  haircut and I did I just haven't taken any photo's yet, I got bangs! Darling Husband said I look a lot like I did in high school, not sure if this is a good thing.

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