Tuesday, July 20, 2010

80's Floors in Australia

I picked up this do-it-yourself book last week, it's from thw Australian Home Journal name so that was the first thing to get me. The book is 1980's print and you only have to look at the great colour photo's to know that.
I've put it in a slide show, so I hope it works.

It's not realy very retro but it's a good look at Austalian homes, so many memories come back to me from when I was a child. I remember the slate floors and Grandma had the seagrass matting, and many of the rest I remember well.
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  1. Lovely slide show! I hope the next place I move into comes with some old vintage Lino *lol* The chances of that here are slim though, everyones into re-modeling everything.

  2. My home has slate floors (built in 1977). I still remember tho the awful olive green and baby cack yellow lino my parents had in their house whilst I grew up. Hopefully the people that bought it from them ripped it up! Monique xx