Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's All About the Oven.

Darling Husband and I have been working towards a new kitchen for a while now and we are now at the building plan stage. *BIG claps* So we need to start making a few key choices, like were the oven will go and which one we want.

So I got a few photos together and took them with us oven shopping. After a few stops we have found someone who know what retro means and we have some work to do working out which one we want.

I've done a slide show of some of the oven images and adds I have, all are from Australian sources.

White does not seem to be an option for the colour of the stove (it was our first pic), so now we are thinking black and crome, with a black and white check floor. At the end of the day we like them all but I think it will come down to cost in the end.

We started with the Nostalgie range from Ilve (3st image) and then found Falcon from the UK (1st image), after some mmore leg work I also found Belling (2nd image). All are can be found in Australia and have moden and old style options and they all have small and large size options. My pick is between the Falcon and the Belling.

I'll let you know what we pick and why when we know ourself's. I would love a black and white floor and it might mean letting Darling Husband pick the stove or it might all come down to cost. We'll see.

Enjoy your ovens!

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