Friday, June 18, 2010

Hair, sponge curls and blue bathrooms.

Last week I bought a pack of sponge rollers, the idea being I can sleep in them like pin curls but get a different look. I got the largest the shop had and they didn't cost alot, so I thought why not. I'm still not that good at doing hair but am working on it.

I have two big issues with retro hair styles, time (or lack of it) and I ride a cargo bike (will blog about this later). So I don't always get the look I set out to do.
So me before I do anything to my hair. After being told by every hairdresser that's touched my head how thin my hair is, I have learnt that not wahsing it for a few days before I do anything with my hair tends to help.
I know so sexy as they are, me with the rollers in. I have no idea how I did on the back rollers till Darling Husband took a photo, try not to laugh too hard.

This morrning after I tryed for half an hour to get something I was happy with. At this stage I have given up on victory rolls and bangs. Untill I have more time to work on them this will have to be my new every day look, will try for smaller  curls next time.
At least this look is easy to do and still looks good when you take off your helmet or hat.
Oh and what little you can see of it is my blue and white bathroom, not retro at all, will most likely be the last thing we do.


  1. I did this about a year ago. My husband about fell out of bed when I showed up with curlers and a scarf around them ready for bed. The next day...boy did I have curls. I was going for the Lucille Ball look. I worked...kind of. Have not tried the sponge rollers again. I do remember using them as a kid and getting my hair horrifically tangled in them.

  2. I love the sexy roller pictures! You have beautiful long hair.

    Sponge rollers can give you a devil of a time if not brushed through properly, I have found for my hair. I'm getting better at it and found useful tips in the hairstyling book so I'm less Shirley Temple now.

    I'm still working towards the victory style hair, but growing my bangs out is going to kill me. It's scary looking right now and I may have to cave in and cut my bangs short again. It is so true that you need time to do work with your hair. I'd rather be playing;)

    Our husbands must sometimes shake their heads when we try these things. Mine stifles his giggles well...

  3. I just checked out the cargo bike...FAB!

  4. Your hair turned out VERY nice.

  5. Your hair looks great especially for a bike riding activity. Rollers and pin curls do take some practice. I prefer to sleep in pin curls, they are much more comfortable and yes my hubby just shakes his head, as I think nothing I do really surprises him.......hehe