Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Sewing

I haven't had time to finish anything but I thought I might post what I am working on.

Since I have been doing a lot of sewing since I started moving my family to a more retro life Darling Husband has now started to work with me. He has asked me to make Master Little 7 a new pair of jean's, I am going to use an old toy bag, since the toys have been moved to a more durable box.

I found this fabric for just $1 (Aus) and thought it would make great shirts for all my boys.

And for the winter that's about to start I am making view C from an old bed valance that has a large lace frill.


  1. I am so envious of people that can sew!

    I am going to give it a go next month, I must get a decent first machine though.

    Good luck with the jeans, the pattern looks neat:)

  2. Looking forward to seeing how everything turns out !