Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In The Bathroom

I popped into a tile shop to look for retro options for our kitchen and came out with info for the bathroom. This business still make soapdishes in Australia and two of them have spots for you toothbrushes too. They make them in nine colours -
  • Ivory
  • Tusk
  • Peach
  • White
  • Almond Ivory
  • Black
  • Vanilla
  • Mist Grey
  • Alabaster
Sorry no pink. They also have paper holders and towel rails and rings.

I also thought I would scan this page from my retro engineering catalogue. This is what was put into homes around the 1950's in Australia.


  1. I personally love me a black soapdish,toothbrush, rails ceramic on pink/peach/mint green tile look

    I also can not help having the fleetwood mac song play in my head when I see the word Tusk:-P

    So cool you have a catalogue from the 50's

  2. I'm rather partial to the shell shape dishes, lovely !

  3. Jealous. I wish I could redo my bathroom with these great tile fixtures. My grandmother had these at her house and I always loved them. I really like being able to keep the soap off the sink and the ease of cleaning the tile soap dishes have.