Saturday, May 1, 2010

Book Review

A Pressure Cooker Saved My Life by Juanita Phillips

I heard about this book on the radio while driving and thought it sounded like just what I needed, and it was. I’m a fan of the slow cooker myself so the cooking aspect of this book was not of great interest to me however I can see the appeal to others.

What I loved about this book was the reality check it provides, the truth about work/family balance and just plain lays life all out on the table. You just can’t deny some of the facts when the proffer is there. Juanita has done a lot of research about how “work” and what the stay at home mother’s role compared to this are and how society views it all. I just love some of the little jokes she tells.

There is a comparison to older generations’ and many tips and facts you may not have known, I didn’t. You could feel there was a fare a mount of research done and it’s amazing what Juanita has found out.

The book is also well complemented by lots of lovely images and quote’s. A must for ever busy parent and parent to be, both male and female.

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