Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Sewing

The Pink Shirt
I needed a new top, some thing for everyday wear. I was going to buy something and then remembered how easy it was to make Master Little 1's shirt. Why not one for me too?
First the pattern, it's number 96 from the Golden Dressmaker, Darling Husbands pick.

There are four parts to the pattern, front, back, interfacing and cuff. I found one main error, the colat did not meet at the back so I had to cut extra to join it. Luky for me it's at the back and the busyness of the fabric ment you don't see it.

All the fabric, button's and thread came from my stash. So this shirt only cost me time in which to make it, half a day. The Fabric is a soft pink with white/red daisy's and pink/red rose's, I had just the right amount for this job. I've been told it looks like PJ fabric but that wont stop me from wearing it. The button's are red fabric and were brought for christmas vest that never got made.

What I would do differently next time? Cut the colar to fit better and the cuffs, I don't like how they sit.
PS I made a great dress for ANZAC day this year and did it under 24 hours, I can't wait to share it once I have some nice photo's.


  1. That's a smart top - I really like it. :)

  2. WoW!That top is sharp!
    I'm thinking of getting a sewing machine, and taking some lessons.
    Getting the thinking process into action is like watching molasses!

  3. That fabric is cute! Perfectly suited for the blouse and not at all like sleepwear.