Sunday, April 25, 2010

Retro Headscarfs

Late at night after the childern have gone to bed I hide in the bathroom and try to put pincurls in my hair. I am slowly starting to get the hang of it but alas the weather is not with me. With all the rain we are having it's raised the hummidity and it's killing my hair do's.

The other issue I'm having is if I want to leave the pincurls in but I need to go out waht to do. My book “Vintage Hairstyling, retro styles with step-by-step techniques”, has one page about headscarfs but I found this great "How to tie a Headscarf" over at Super Kawaii Mama. Enjoy.


  1. My hair is too short for pincurls, but I love the look. Thanks for the link to Super Kawaii Mama - what a great site!

  2. I'm so pleased to hear it worked for you! Wearing head scarves like that gets me out of a lot of trouble, saves the 'do from bad weather and even stops gym hair from happening.
    I'm always amazed how many compliments I get on it when I'm out, even though all I'm doing is hiding my pin curls! :)