Friday, April 2, 2010

Rainy days and sleeping-in

I am putting a lot of reading time into bedrooms of late, due to the fact I want to do Master Little 2’s room as retro as I can. And it’s a lot harder than I thought, I can only find a little info and even fewer pic’s, so putting it all together this is what I’ve found out.

Australians were well behind the time and often did not want to let go of the past designs. While plain bold colours were being used it was not unusual to find much patterned carpet, often in floral, of a busy patterned curtain or armchair. We must also take into mind that what is “Fashionable” in the magazines was not always attainable by everyone; they might only have owned a few key items.

This all being said the basics for a retro bedroom are-

Bed - double, single or often bunks.
A Mirror was a must.

Built-in or free standing wardrobe. Built-in were becoming more popular but most families still owned a free standing wardrobe.

A chest of draws or a dressing table, or if lucky both. For most girls it was a must to have a dressing table with lots of draws as much for clothes as for anything else, these were often glass toped.

A desk and chair for homework in the children’s room.

And don’t forget the glory box, one for each girl. However this may have been kept in the sleep out with a cushion on top and used for extra seating if needed.

Many homes were 2 or 3 bedroom and were needed a sleep out was used by the male once they were too old to share a room with the girls. This often limited there personal items. The idea of sharing a sleeping space today would shook many young people, I think.

Windows were often covered with venation blinds that came in many colours, over these were hung curtains. Some prefered full length curtains with sheers behind, mostly hung in the pencil pleat style.


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  1. I have paint test patches all over my bedroom at the moment ! Hubby and I can't decide on a colour. Looking forward to seeing what you do.