Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Shoes

For those who know me I’m not the shopping type and that include shoes, but today I found a pair I just couldn’t leave behind. Miss Little, my mother and myself were out to get new school shoe’s for Miss Little, her old pair had gone off for a walk on their own.

My mother wanted them first but they only had two sizes left and one of them fitted me. Just meant to be. Take off the gold buckles and they could pass as retro, there as close as I’ve seen to those in my Shoe Harmony for Spring 1951.

There is a matching clutch too, Ohhhhhhhhhh.

Miss Little’s shoe are similar to a pair in there as well.

Its times like these do like to shop


  1. They're really gorgeous - I love that they come with a matching clutch! With a block coloured dress they would be really striking.

  2. Fabulous! They'll go with everything and what a bonus to find the matching clutch. :)

  3. So classy-I live these shoes!