Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In the Depths of a Cupboard

I haven’t’ seen many articles or images of inside cupboard so this one’s a first for me. Australian Woman, June 14, 1954, has two whole pages to sorting out cupboard space. It’s not a bad read and we have not improved on the advice much since.

I am just adding the last few bits to Miss Little’s new cupboard space and wanted some vintage ideas. Some I really liked, like putting a hanging rail at the child’s height.

I can’t do many of these but they were great for ideas. My home is brick so I have to work within the space I’ve got and that not a lot.

I have got quotes for shelves in Miss Little’s room and, for want of a better word, our linen cupboard. The last will be a later project once all the children’s rooms are done. Our shelves will be wire to allow airflow, this is to reduce moisture build up, a big issue in the tropics. I am mostly looking at Elfa from Howards Storage World as some of the wardrobes are not normal sizes and I want something that will grow with the children.

While I wasn't sure wether to blog about wardrobes and cupboard space as it really dosen't sound that retro, however it is very homemaker stuff. And as long as we need to store stuff we will need to make space for it. So I thought 'Why not!", I can't be the only person wondering about the dark space that stole the missing shoe. All tho I do believe people of the 1950's would have had a lot less to store they most people today.

A good idea shared is nevery wasted.


  1. This is an interesting post!

    I agree that in the past people just didn't have the "stuff" we now deem necessary. But you still need storage no matter how much you have. These ideas are timeless!

  2. I love the sketches of the dresses in the wardrobe and I don't think you can ever have to much storage space !

  3. Hah! I'm more retro than I thought. I have my linen cupboard covered with a curtain. :)

    Love this post. Our home was built in the 1920's and has much less storage than newer homes. In our house, every centimeter counts! :)