Friday, April 9, 2010

For Sale

Well I posted my first eBay sale item today, 20x Used Dress Patterns.

As part of my Thrifty 365 challange I've been cleaning up and cleaning out. In stead of taking evrything to the local thrift strore bins I throught I would sell some things on eBay and see how I go. Not very retro I know but if the stuff sells I can use that money towards 1950's Australian collection.

If you visit my eBay sale I would love some feed back as I'm not sure about the whole thing, thankyou.


  1. Ok now it's in the right place, Good Luck with you auctions !

  2. Brilliant! Part of the Thrifty365 challenge for me is to find inventive ways to make pocket money in order to reinvest in my home and projects. Well done, you! :)

  3. Thank you both. I just hope they sell I have so many more to find new homes for.