Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Book Review

Sometime ago I went looking for a book about vintage hairstyles and how-to’s. Being very much a beginner I wanted a book with a lot of help and explanation, and a bit of history too. I bought “Vintage Hairstyling, retro styles with step-by-step techniques”, out of many books I found it seemed the most promising.

It’s filled with many great photos and lovely everyday models. Basics are covered such as hair products and tools, with good images and descriptions, so you know what you’re looking for when you go shopping. I liked this as I hate having shop assistance tell me what they think I need, I want to know what I’m looking for and be able to decided how much I want to spend on it.

There are many different ways to curly your hair and as far as I can tell they are all covered. And a lot of effort has gone into the pin curl section, this brought back many memories for my mother. There’s an area on accessories, flowers and even basic makeup.

The hairstyles them self’s cover a wide range of era’s, themes and even people. Almost none of the models use appears to have had their hair cut just for the style, ideas are suggested for those with longer/shorter hair then the models. Overall I feel there is a good effort to cover most hair lengths, styles and hair types, some more than others.

I really like this book, my only big gripe is that all the hairstyles are not done by the hair owner. I have to do my own hair and seeing someone else do it the same way may have been more helpful in that respect. However I have very limited experience with hairstyling and am slowly seeing an improvement with my pin curls the more I practise.

If you don’t own a vintage hairstyle book this maybe a good first buy, if you already have lots of books and don’t have this one you may not feel the need to get it.


  1. You have read my mind! I was on holiday this past week and went to bookstore after bookstore looking for this book. I was going to forget about it until I read this post. Thanks to you I will continue my search and not give up. My hair is driving me nuts and sponge rollers at night never = sleep. I need some options for my limited hairstyling talent too. Keep us updated on how it works for you.

  2. What I can't believe is there are other women out there who use sponge rollers. Every person I know makes a face like 'you are the weirdest person ever' if I tell them about trying a vintage hair style. Thanks ladies for making me feel like one of the gang.