Saturday, March 6, 2010

Vintage Cook Book

Another great cook book find and this one comes with two kitchen layouts. Australian Cookery of Today Illustrated by The Sun News – Pictorial Melbourne, it has no cover art but maybe missing a dust cover. 497 pages of recipes and that’s not counting all the great photo, it is one of the most in-depth cook books, vintage and modern, I have found to date.

I just love the first chapter, The Modern Kitchen – Planning a Time and Step Saving Kitchen, Planning for Ideal Country Kitchen, Choosing Cooking Equipment, Washing Up (yes a whole three pages on how to wash up), Marketing Wisdom, and Foundation Stock for a Store Cupboard. Doesn’t that just say it all, each chapter has photo’s, bits of history or OLD kitchen know how, easy to follow step-by-step recipes and more.

I hope the scan of the modern kitchen plan is clear, as it’s one of the first retro detailed kitchen floor plans I’ve found yet. It won’t work for our new kitchen but it’s given me lots of new ideas and I can show Darling Husband what I’m aiming for.
A country kitchen floor plan, would realy only work for those who live a more natural, organic life stlye. I've seen kitchen plans like this in modern book about growing your own fruit and veg.
One of the many lovely photo's in this book, whoever I don't think I will go to this much effort often. We currently don’t entertain much but I hope this will change with the new space.

One of the best things about this cook book is that they show you what wrong and right look like and the many thinks that could have gone wrong and how to fix them. I love learning to cook and trying new recipes but I have when I fail and can’t for the life of me work out what I did wrong. I used that apple tart recipe out of this book, it was great.

I am currently trying to do at least one full retro style dinner with all the trimmings each week, I've been sick this week so it didn't happen. I am working my way up to the full three dish menu and at least one of those dishes I have never done before. And I promise to even write about my failures.


  1. Sorry to hear your under the weather. Do feel better soon.

    The scans look fine. Lots of ideas to work from. My dream is to have a country kitchen with the table in the middle. I was in an old farmhouse once like that when I was about 7 and fell totally in love. Sometime in the future I will have this but not for another 10-14 years.

    Love these old books. I have a cook book from 1953 that has similar information in addition to some politically incorrect named recipes that I received from my Great Aunt. It includes some recipes that have been handed down for generations dating back 200 years according to the introduction. Such detailed instructions and requirements for a home are a far cry from what we see today.

    You have failures? I don't believe it. I don't call my kitchen escapades failures unless the fire dept. has to be brought in. Lesson learnt is what I say and I've learnt some big ones!

  2. When I say failures I mean the dog wont even eat it it tastes that bad, and yes I've had a few of those. You know when you add salt instead of sugar. lol.

  3. Or add 5x the amount of pepper to 200 meatballs being made. Not that I would know about such an incident...Hubby still laughs at that one years later.

  4. lol! Love it! I knew I wasn't the only one.