Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thrifty 365: February

Well my first real month of the Thrifty 365 challenge has pasted and I’m pleased to note I didn’t do too badly. While some of it does not sound so retro, you must remember we were still coming out of WWII and not all the rationing had stopped, some of it was still in place right into the 1950's. Even things that were not controled were often still hard to get. Many people lived thrifty even when they no longer had too.

I did buy new school shoe’s and soccer boots, socks and underwear for the children.

I sewed at few new outfits (not all blogged yet). My sewing supplies have been getting a work out and are please to say there are less of them. I have only brought new rails for the curtains going into Master Little 2’s room and the odd bit to finish an outfit.

I have made of an effort to buy from our local community food store and use our own containers (getting 5% for it). If they don’t have it I try the Enviromart near our work and as a last resort end up at the supermarket.

Have been taking Tupperware Antartica to our local butcher (who gets his meat locally) and getting all our meat for the week to freeze, so no wastage on plastic freezer bags. Planning to sew some new mesh bags for fresh fruit and veg.

I did not buy anything retail, very proud of that one.

We already have a compost bin, so my next aim is to grow some food. Anything, as long as it grows and we can eat it.

I’m not a garaged sales or markets person, I would love to be but between the children’s activities and the children them self’s it can be a bit messy on a Saturday. However I am going to try and make an effort to get to the local farm gate market at least once in March and see how we go.

So all in all OK, I think March is going to be harder.


  1. Hi Atomic Mum,

    This is Francesca (Sarah's teacosy connection!) If you'd like a cosy like the one I made for her, just email me at - I'd be more than happy to whip one and send it to you.


  2. Just found your blog today and love what your doing.

    I love the 40's and want to incorporate this style into my life but my husband is NOT enthused at all. I've started with a few things and get positive remarks from others but my husbands not on board. Any suggestions on how to deal with this?