Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday Sewing

I know it's not sunday any more but oh well. I am very pleased with this sewing job and so was my mother, a bit of a shock for me (she can be very hard to please). It hold a lot of firsts for me. It the first real male type thing I've sewen, it's the first real shirt, you know the ones with buttons. So here are the pattern's layed out, I forgot the interfacing and had to add it later.

Nexted I basted the whole thing together to get an idea of how it would fit together and sit.

Sewed it together, this is with out the finishing touches.

Hems and buttons added, and finished.

Here is some detail.

I used an old bed sheet for the fabric and the thred and buttons came from my stash. End result, it cost me nothing to make just time. Needless to say Master Little 1 is happy I made him something, his just not sure if his happy about what I made him. Maybe some fun pj's next?

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