Thursday, March 11, 2010

Revisable Toddler Outfit

I made this cute little blue and green outfit for Master Little 2, it has taken me a few weeks due to a mix of things but now I know what I’m doing I think I could make one in a day or less if left alone (not likely to happen in my house hold).

In any case I started with The Golden Dressmaker, a vintage sewing book, looked for any easy Patten as this would be the first time I make anything from this book, and found this easy one peace outfit.

From there I took a chest measurement of Master Little 2 and drafted a Patten to fit him. While doing this I decided to cut two and do a French seam and try and made it revisable, one side green the other side blue. Cut two long straps the width of a ruler and overlocker together.

Once I had the outfit sewn together I wasn’t sure how it joined up, there are no piecing instruction with the book. After much thought I came across some old push studs of my mothers and decided these would work better then the string in the drawing.

That’s not to say I did have a few issues putting them one facing the wrong way. However I am very happy with the end result. I might even make a few more.

Now all I need to do is make the white shirts to go under and it’s all homemade, right down to the cotton nappy on his bottom.

I apologies for the fussy photo’s trying to get an 18 month old to stand still and get a good shot was just not happening for the day I took these.

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