Saturday, March 13, 2010

Meal of the Week

Ok so between the cool, windy rain and the solid hot sun I don’t know what to cook. So I went for a pie and a salad, with biscuits, a bit of a strange mix but worked well. All these dishes are from my New Australian Cookery book, Chicken Pie, Summer Day Salad and Chocolate-chip Drops.

Chicken Pie

1 boiling fowl (I used 6 chicken thighs diced)
1 large onion (diced)
½cup partly cooked celery diced (I used leek)
½ cup partly cooked peas
Salt & pepper to taste
Corn flour (I used plain flour)
Good short crust (I used puff pastry)

Preheat a medium oven. Roll chicken pieces in flour and fry golden brown. In a larger pan fry onion in butter and then add chicken, (I just added the onion to the chicken all in a large pan) add salt and pepper to taste.

Cover with water and simmer for about two hours. Cool chicken and separate meat from bones, (I didn’t need to do this step). Reheat some of the broth and thicken with flour to make gravy (Left over broth can be used as soup). To a fire proof dish add chicken, gravy, vegetables, season to taste.

Lay pastry over mix and seal to dish, (press edges of pastry to the dish so that it sticks in place). Poke some holes in the middle of the pie and baste (paint) pastry with a little milk. Put the oven and pull out when partly turns golden. For children to should plate up there serve and let sit to cool first, as it can take some time.

Summer Day Salad
I made this while the Chicken pie above cooked.

1cup celery (I used red capsicum)
1cup diced apple
1cup chopped cucumber
Lettuce leaves
Tomato’s (I used half a punnet of Cherie toms)
Salad dressing of your choice
Orange juice

Combine apple, cucumber and celery (or red capsicum) in salad bowl and moisten with orange juice. Add lettuce and tomatoes and top with dressing when served. Or put lettuce in cups on a serving platter, put mix in. Top with tomato’s and serve dressing separately.

And all plated up together.

Chocolate-chip Drops

½ cup condensed milk
½ teaspoon baking powder
1 ½ cups coconut (shredded works best)
1 cup coarsely chopped block chocolate (I get organic choc chips from our local community’s food store)

Combine it all together and drop spoon full’s on to a buttered tray. Cook in a slow oven until the biscuits are tinted at the edges.

I burnt a batch and they tasted the best, lightly cooked were too chewy for my lot but there was none leftover.

Taste great with tea.

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