Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Look at Vinyl Floors

Ok so I've been looking at what to do our kitchen floor in and vinyl seems to be the thing, weather I can get Darling Husband to go with it will be an other thing. So far I've found 2 companies that still do vinyl floor tiles like those found in the 1950's in Australia, Polyflor and Marmoleum/Forbo. While I've come across some funny brands, e.g. CSR - then make sugar as well, most are no longer in the vinyl game.

I would love do something fun but every idea I come up with I get funny looks. They just don't get how much I wont as true as possable 1950's home not just kitchen.

Got this add out of an architectural catalogue.

I hope you can read the colour names, you can still get these colours and styles today.

Hmmmm, not sure what that white line is for but I do love the chairs.

I real like the green, and even found it as a tile and on a roll. Well there isn't too much differance from Australia to anywere else when it comes to vinly floors, it's realy were to buy and the stockest in your area.


  1. OOOO Thank you !!! I have been wanting to do vinyl in my house, but don't like the ugly new stuff! Zootsuitmama

  2. Hi there we put old style vinyl tiles oxn our laundry floor last year, ours were made by Armstrong and came in heaps of colours. We went for checked pastel green and peach.